Game, Set & Match: Adam Dagdagan

Out there in the real world outside the white lines past the fences that keeps me in, I am nothing. I am no one. I am just another figure in the shadows that no one knows about. But all of that doesn’t matter when I’m out there on the tennis courts.

Whenever I’m out on the courts, I feel at home. I don’t have to be afraid of showing my emotions in fear of being ridiculed; I’m free to be myself, all the good and bad. I feel like out there is where I belong, playing the game that I love most. 

Away from tennis, I am nothing but a lost soul trying to find his place, trying to find where he belongs. Is there a place for me at all? Sometimes I feel like I’m a dead fish in the ocean letting the current take me wherever it pleases. And sooner or later, I’m going to have to meet the ocean floor. 

But tennis.. Tennis has given me so much. Whenever I’m out there on the courts, all my worries disappear. All the problems in my life are nothing but a faint sound, nothing more than a shadow in the distance that can barely be seen. Tennis gives me strength, it gives me the perseverance that I am sorely lacking in real life and it reassures me that I’m good for something. Tennis.. Tennis has given me my second life. Without tennis, what would I be?

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  • #Tennis #TennisIsLife #GameSetMatch
  • 3 months ago